I’m Josh, a product manager and customer experience champion, who has worked in a variety of landscapes for more than 20 years. With my recent executive MBA, product management certification and Prosci change management certification, my goal is to migrate into a role with an emphasis on product management, customer experience and organizational change. 

Product management, change management and customer experience are the catalysts for great products, services and the organizations that create these innovations. They are cornerstones to a successful business venture or understanding how people feel about a particular challenge in their lives. A true executive understands that the essence of a company is the harmony between your customers and the employees that serve them.

My proven expertise includes best in practice product management, change management, people management, customer experience, design thinking, service design and user experience. These frameworks as well as solid leadership skills, have helped lead clients and people to accomplish an umbrella of requirements and challenges in agile and executive facing environments. I compliment these frameworks with my skills in business development including proposals, team building and oral presentations.

My most recognizable work includes leading teams and projects for Booz Allen Hamilton, 
Internal Revenue Service, Gillette, Marriott, PBS Downton Abbey, PBS KIDS, specifically Curious George, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Dinosaur Train.

Imagine where you could be in 5 years with a champion like myself by your side. I’ve worked on solving challenges in many industries including advertising, entertainment, education, apparel, hospitality, government, politics and many more.

Shoot me an email and lets start a discussion.

User Experience

Art Direction, Design & Branding