Every creative is passionate. They are talented. They are witty. So what separates those traits from the right candidate.


I am loud, energetic and enthusiastic kind of creative. But I am also humble. I am a great listener. I am a great leader. Those who know me best will tell you all these things and more. I'm sure of it.

Many people use the word innovation. But what others preach, I do. I'm a true innovator. My ideas are based on soul and storytelling. They are tactically build using the latest technology but also adhering to more traditional platforms. From social media to the Oculus Rift. From print to broadcast. Together, as a team, I will put together ideas and strategies that build upon the strengths and opportunities of great brands.

In the past I've managed people, agencies and projects, From start to finish. From in-house to agency, I'm always on point when giving constructive criticism. I want people and partners to improve they're understanding of a brand and themselves so they can improve at what they do everyday.

There comes a time in every creative's life when they have to work with what they are given. Sometimes it’s not what they like but it's the hand they are dealt. No matter what is thrown at someone, you must mature with not only team members, but certain restrictions. I've learned this personally through a fail fail succeed mentality. Now I'm on my home run, using my successes to build not only upon my future, but the future companies and agencies I work for.

I hope you will highly consider me for the position at hand. There should be no doubt in your mind, that I’m your perfect candidate.