Gryphn ArmorText

Gryphn is a start up security company specializing in mobile security and privacy apps.

As their creative director, I developed a comprehensive brand package, including an enhanced brand mark, a reinvented product mark and collateral to help sell their products.

I began by refreshing their signature product, ArmorText.

Originally it looked old and was completely misinterpreted.


I redesigned it to be more coherent and leave a user with a clear understanding of what their product did, without telling them directly.

A combination mark felt best since, at the moment, the product was unknown.


Proposed Alternative Mark


I then went about to refresh the corporate identity to a more modern look and feel.

Originally it looked fun and playful. Not like that of a corporate security firm.


I redesigned it to be more relative to their industry. A clean flat version of the same logo, helped make it more appealing to their B2B marketing model. The use of darker blues gave it more of a loyalty status than the contrasting orange and bright blue.


To be sure the brand stayed consistent, I followed up the logo redesign with a brand guideline. This included a color and typography system.


I developed collateral to go along with the new brand.


I then created a brochure to help sell their product to potential enterprise customers.