PBS – Think Wednesday

Think Wednesday is a PBS programming block dedicated to popular science, history and nature-based documentaries. Every week featured new and upcoming shows and episodes. Our typical audience for these types of programs were curious and intellectual families. These shows usually garnered a 1.0-1.2 nielsen rating.

As a senior interactive art director, I used my user experience skills to research, wireframe and design a responsive website to help drive tune in to this programming block. I also oversaw the development through outside agencies, specifically HZDG.

I began by developing personas based on user observations and research done in conjunction with our user experience team.


By interpreting the user’s needs and goals, I was able to put together some basic wireframes for the microsite.


I then transformed these basic wireframes into a responsive site design, focusing on multiple viewpoints and devices, while adhering to the latest HTML5 and CSS to navigate the many paradigms of the response web.

Take a glance at the mockup animations below, which will walk you through the final buildouts of the website.

This first series is designed for a high resolution desktop screen.

This second series is designed for a high resolution laptop screen.

This third series is designed for an iPad screen in portrait mode.

This fourth series is designed for an iPad screen in landscape mode.

This fifth series is designed for a low resolution laptop screen.

This final series is designed for an iPhone screen. The first image is the top of the page, while the following image is below the fold.