PBS – In Show Messaging

In Show Messaging is used to promote a variety of information to the viewer in the lower third area of the television screen, while watching their favorite television programs. This can result in added promotional value to the marketing and strategy of the network.

Every few years, the PBS In-Show Messaging would be refreshed based on the existing brand package. This involved redesigning background animations, nomenclature of information, typographic treatment and tweaking the colors of specific elements.

As a senior art director, under the direction of David Wilder, I designed and concepted key frames based on the PBS Brand Package, to reinterpret how the in-show messaging would look and feel. Furthermore, I art directed our post production team on animating out the final designs.

The original “bugs” were designed half a decade ago and needed a refresh. Many times brands will refresh key on-air elements, as a way of veering away from a complete rebrand. 

To begin, I developed a series of style frames taking into account the PBS brand package, designed initially by Troika.

After creative review, we landed on these style frames. Each is made up of one of four primary brand colors (Orange, Magenta, Blue or Green) and varies between one and two lines for the show title.

Once we selected a final design, we moved into post production at Interface Media Group, where we animated out variations of the style frame.

This animation is based on the PBS ‘Bubbles’ animation.

This animation is based on the PBS ‘Particle’ animation.

This animation is based on the PBS ‘Sonic’ animation.

In these iterations, we added footage in the background to see how the messaging would look up against motion.

Finally, in these iterations, we played around with nomenclature and colors, since in some cases, we wanted to highlight the series and genres. For example, we tended to use green to indicate a nature show.

To deliver the final files, we organized and labeled everything in the after effects files, so an in house motion graphics editor could easily edit and render them for on-air use.