Stamaste is my wife’s yoga business. She’s a 200 hour certified yoga teacher in the Washington D.C. Area, teaches at the U.S. Senate, various government agencies and a number of Gold’s Gyms. She received her training under the prestigious Faith Hunter.

As the lead designer, I developed a comprehensive brand package, including a brand mark, typographic treatment, colors, photographic treatment, patterns and various other elements to help bring my wife’s vision to life. I also hired a yoga marketing firm, Skondasana, to help teach her how to build a yoga business and develop a strategy for success.

I began by going through naming exercises. I put together this list of potentials.

Staceeism - The Art of Yoga

Yoga by Stacee Bee

Stacee Zen


Joie de Yoga (enjoy the yoga)

Vinyasa by Stacee

Inhale Exhale by Stacee Bee

Anusara Vinyaya by Stacee Bee

Mandala by Stacee Bee



Stamaste - Yoga For All

Holistic Fitness and Wellness by Stacee

Wholesome Yoga




We ended up selecting Stamaste - Yoga For All, given her interest in making yoga an accessible sport even for those who could not afford it.

I then drafted a few brand marks.

We arrived at the following mark. It’s both versatile and fashionable.


To be sure the brand stayed consistent, I followed up the logo design with a brand guideline. This included the logo, the reasoning behind the name, the correct usage of the logo, a color system, a typography system, proper photographic treatment and finally textures and patterns to use in various social media graphics.